Hello, my name is Rachel and I am your local professional estate planner working with a solicitor regulated company specializing in Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorneys, Trusts, Funeral Plans and Probate.

I am able to provide a no obligation phone call or Zoom meeting in the comfort of your own home to offer advice on the importance of documents that you may or may not have in place. This could be a review on your existing documents if your circumstances have changed or actually finally getting them done if you don’t already have them.

Any of the following may apply to you:

1) Appointing guardians if you have small children so that you and not the authorities can make the decision on who cares for them should anything happen to you. 2) If you are co-habiting with a partner, a Will is vital, as on death, your partner may not be entitled to any of your estate. 3) Have either you or your partner had children from a previous relationship? If so, you may want to protect your children’s inheritance. 4) What would happen if you or your partner lost mental capacity through an accident, stroke, heart attack or dementia? Who would you prefer to look after your welfare, your partner or the local authority? Lasting Powers of Attorney are crucial to have in place in these circumstances.

I can help you in avoiding the authorities having the power to make decisions on the behalf of your loved ones in any of the above circumstances and give you peace of mind by sitting down for an hour over a cup of tea to discuss how you can ensure that both your estate and family are protected.

Address: Honiton

Website: https://my.honeygroup.co.uk/friend/found/rachelcolbert

Phone: 0800 847 7086

Email: Rachel.colbert@honeylegal.co.uk

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